High Performance Heat Exchangers for Construction, Earth Moving & Industrial Equipment

Thick Dust?
High Amplitude Vibrations?

No Problem

Alkraft’s heat exchangers for construction equipment are designed and built for demanding, high dust and high vibration environments typically found on building construction and mining sites. Our radiators, charge air coolers, oil coolers and cooling system modules feature proprietary fin geometries for superior thermal performance with optimal pressure drop. The fin geometries and process innovations that enable superior thermal performance also underpin the best-in-class performance-to-weight ratio of Alkraft’s heat exchanger cores. 

The construction of Alkraft’s heat exchangers include Aluminium Tube & Fin, Aluminium Bar & Plate and Drawn Cup designs. This ensures adaptability and optimal performance for a wide range of applications.  Louvered and high performance fin designs enable our products to be lighter, while preventing clogging even in applications like truck-mounted concrete mixers and earthmoving equipment. This ability to deliver peak performance in high vibration and high dust environments with industry leading reliability and durability sets Alkraft’s heat transfer products apart in the construction and mining equipment industry.   



Charge Air Coolers

Cooling System Modules

Hydraulic Oil Coolers

Steering Oil Coolers

Transfer Case Oil Coolers

Rear Differential Oil Coolers

Transmission Oil Coolers

Fuel Coolers

Cabin Demisters



Concrete Mixers

Backhoe & Wheel Loaders


Compactors & Road Rollers

Motor Graders

Pick / Carry / Boom / Sleeve Cranes

Air Compressors


Machine Tools & Special Industrial Applications

Core Constructions for Wide Range of Applications

Plate & Bar Cores

Tube & Fin Cores

Drawn Cup Cores

Innovations in Tube & Fin Geometries for Superior Thermal Performance

Stuffed Tube Configurations for Charge Air Coolers

Proprietary Folded Tubes in Super Long Life Alloys

Wide Range of Fin Geometries for Various Environments

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