Technology Leadership through Research and Innovation


Over the years, research at Alkraft has made its impact not only on heat transfer technologies in India, but also on the commercial vehicle industry as a whole in many ways. Broadly, our work has focused on the following three areas, primarily driven by the objectives of developing better and more efficient products:

  1. Core Geometries
  2. Material Development
  3. Innovation in Packaging

At Alkraft, we believe that efficient heat transfer is an enabler of system-wide efficiency and performance. Our work on core geometries resulted in proprietary High Performance Multi-Port CAC Tubes and Inner Fin Designs that have enabled weight reduction, while enhancing engine performance and helping reduce emissions. Products incorporating these technologies continue to play critical roles in enabling compliance with newer and tougher emission standards. Our Super-long Life Alloys and High Temperature Nylons are proprietary materials that have greatly improved product life while affording production efficiency, and giving our products industry leading reliability and durability. Alkraft’s single-stack configuration modules are testimony to our innovations in the packaging of modular systems. These innovations have helped reduce overall size and weight, while enhancing performance and improving fuel efficiency.

We firmly believe that Alkraft’s technological leadership – from the pioneering introduction of aluminium for heat exchangers in the early 1990s, until now – is a direct result of our focus on innovation to address the teething challenges that confront the industry.