When Technology meets Imagination, Status Quo is Challenged.

Alkraft is a leading developer and manufacturer of high performance heat exchangers and heat transfer systems for a wide variety of applications. Since its inception, the primary focus of the company has been to build industry-leading products by reimagining possibilities and pushing conventional boundaries.

From a small R&D unit that designed and developed India’s first Aluminium Heat Exchanger to a well-integrated system supply partner to the automotive, industrial, power generation, agri-equipment, and defence product industries, Alkraft’s journey is testament to its innovative spirit and core engineering strength. Alkraft has consistently been at the forefront addressing the toughest challenges that drive change in the industry – be they higher power and performance, tougher emission and fuel efficiency standards, or product weight and life expectations.

Our portfolio of products include Radiators, Charge Air Coolers (Intercoolers), Oil Coolers, Fuel Coolers, Cabin Heating Products, and Cooling System Modules of various builds and configurations.